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Metal raw materials

The working and attracted geologists have considerable experience in the field of searching, research and forecasting of different types of metal minerals and above all of polymetallic (Ag-Pb-Zn-Cu), copper-porphyry and golden root deposits in the Rhodope massif areas (Lucky, Davidkovo, Spahievo ore fields), Osogovo Mountain (Ruen ore field), Southern Pirin, Central and Western Sredna Gora, Kraishteto, Western and Central Balkan.

During various periods of time our company has worked on some more recent concrete and innovative projects for prospecting and exploration of gold and silver ores in the areas of Zlata mine, Golyama Rakovitsa, Dikani – Yarlovo, Plana Mountain, Govejda, Srebarnica, Persenk, etc.