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  • Regional and local researching works; interpretation of geological and geophysical data with the purpose of prognosticating mineral resources;
  • An expert report and providing a current archival geological information (fund materials and published data);
  • Analyzing the complex geological information and localizing the most perspective areas for prospecting new fields and deposits;
  • Preparation of full documentation required from the authorized Bulgarian Ministries and necessary for starting the procedures of acquiring legal rights for prospecting certain resources;
  • Geological-researching activities and designing for proving the deposits of certain mineral and rock resources;
  • Realizing the full complex of geological-researching projects (special geological mapping, geophysics, drilling, documenting, taking rock samples and their analyzing, topographic and geodesy works), estimating the amounts of the deposits, making an official reports for different types of materials and presenting and defending the reports in the relevant state authorities.
  • Economical evaluation of mining projects, geo-statistical estimation of the deposit amounts of mineral resources, planning and designing research for the mining industry needs.
  • Legal, financial, economical, ecological and social analysis necessary for concession procedures.
  • Engineer-geological and geo-technical researching and controlling the building sites.
  • General hydro-geological prospecting – searching, exploring and estimating underground and thermal waters, geothermal energy, drilling services in connection with the underground waters.
  • Consultation in the field of Bulgarian legislation, concerning prospecting and extraction in mining industry.