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Building materials

Depending on the specific interests of our customers (interested construction companies) our company has the ability, the knowledge, experts and detection equipment, obtaining the necessary permits from the competent authorities and perform all necessary complex geological studies to study the different types of construction materials – sand, pebbles, various types of crushed stone fractions (dolomite, limestone, andesite, basalt, diabase, etc.) – a starting material for the production of concrete, lime solutions, and also for use in the construction of high-speed railway tracks and modern roads. For customers in different periods of time our company has examined various types of deposits of sand, limestone, dolomite, etc., have already been put into operation

During the last 10 years our company has launched two new projects: the Lenny project (in the Vakarel area) and the project “Green Rock” (in the region of Samokov) for exploration and concession of diabase, raw material for production of most persistent crushed stone fractions for the construction of high-speed railway tracks and different categories of roads.