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Geology, prospecting, exploration, extraction and primary processing of minerals


“BN – CONSULT INGENERING” LTD is established in 1999 in Sofia immediately after the acceptance of the new Law on Mineral Resources in the Republic of Bulgaria. This Law creates new opportunities for attracting private investments in exploration, mining and processing of rock and mineral resources within the territory of Bulgaria.

The main activities of “BN – CONSULT INGENERING” LTD are researching, designing, engineering and consulting in the field of geology, geophysics and ecology, as well as the prospecting, exploration and extraction of mineral resources.

Highly qualified professionals with extensive research and practical experience


  • Regional and local researching works;
  • An expert report and providing a current archival geological information;
  • Analysis;
  • Preparation of full required documentation;
  • Geological-researching activities and designing for proving the deposits of certain mineral and rock resources;
  • Realizing the full complex of geological-researching project;
  • Economical evaluation;

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“BN – CONSULT INGENERING” LTD is your reliable partner if you are interested in researching certain mineral and rock resources and in acquiring a concession for their extraction.