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Stone facing materials

On the territory of Bulgaria there is still an opportunity for exploration and exploitation of at least 10-15 new deposits of stone facing materials (limestone, marble, gneiss, sandstone, rheolite, granite, etc.) with very effective decorative physic-mechanical and insulating properties, preferred by modern architects, designers and builders for interior and exterior finishes of buildings with different functionality.

The most famous Bulgarian stone facing raw material, imposed on both the Bulgarian and the international markets is the so-called Vratsa Limestone – limestone blocks with crema-beige color range for the production of slabs and various decorative tiles and decorative ornaments.

Our company in this geological survey sector has specialized in the search and exploration of the deposits of Vratsa Limestone. The company has invested and accumulated extensive experience in exploring several deposits of limestone blocks such as Irma, Kremena, Aglen, Isabel.

Taking into account the regional and local prospective surveys carried out by our specialists in the region of North-West Bulgaria, there is still the possibility of locating new areas for exploring the Vratsa Limestone.